Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A picture of an Iris, using paint and pencil crayon

I have just completed a picture of an Iris using mixed media. I used acrylic paint and pencil crayons. 

I used to use pencil crayons a lot but found they did not give the depth of colour I was looking for, or sharp enough contrasts.

My solution has been to do an under-painting in acrylic.  I use Chromacolour which is a very dense liquid paint. You can use it watered down to make a watercolour, or glazed effect too.

I used several different pencil crayons. However, they were mainly Caran Dache and Inktense, both crayons you can use wet or dry. I used both methods in the painting. Sometimes starting as a dry layer and adding water with a thin brush afterwards. Sometimes I just put the crayon in the water and used it wet. I then softened the edges with a brush.

So my first layer was paint, followed by shading and detailing over the top with pencil crayon. At the end I went back, here and there, with some more paint over the top. This was mainly white and pale yellow paint to increase areas of highlight.

The background is rough textured shading as a contrast to the flower.

I am quite pleased with the result, as I haven't used this method for awhile. I will probably improve as I practise the techniques..but, hey, you've got to start somewhere with art and its always great to watch your progress!

This may end up as a card design or a print. I may even sell the original !  Whatever I decide I will update here on the end of this posting.

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