Monday, 20 April 2015

A painting of Parrot Tulips. Step by step.

My latest painting is of four parrot tulips. I have a selection of these attractive vibrant flowers growing in my back garden at the moment. However when I stared the painting they were not in bloom. So I worked from last years photos initially, but was able to take inspiration from the real things as I completed the work.

Here is the finished painting.

Tulips in my back garden.

Here is how I did the painting!!

Working from photographs initially, I drew the outlines in pencil,showing different aspects of the flowers. I am working on canvas. I then coloured the background black. I used System 3 acrylic at this stage.
I then painted in some of the yellow areas on the flowers plus the green stems.

Above are the next two stages of my painting.  I added red and orange areas to the tulips. There is very little detail at this stage, just simple blocks of colour. I am using a size 4 brush for most of this stage.
I then added some stripes of jade green to the background, and started to texture it with blue and black dots.

I then used a mixture of Chromacolour, AJ Vallejo acrylic gouache and Turner acrylic gouache to complete the painting. The entire surface of this painting is impressionistic dots. I had only intended to do this on the background ( a technique I use in many of my paintings! ) but extended it to the flowers too. I like the fact this painting looks so realistic from a distance but breaks up in to blobs of colour as you get close to it.
 I use a range of different reds, oranges and yellows plus areas of pink, purple brown and white to give definition.  I worked with brush sizes 2 to 000 on the dots.

I varnished the painting using a mixture of matte and gloss varnishes. I have found that this gives a lovely semi shine to the work and really enhances the colours. I use varnishes by Golden.

The weather was lovely and sunny so I was able to finish this painting in the garden.

The painting has now been framed. I used a simple black floater frame around the canvas. The painting has a lot of work in it so a simple frame was all that it needed. I am not a fan of fussy or over decorative frames. Most of my canvas work is usually left unframed.

This painting will be entered in to  the Society of Floral Painters exhibition in Chichester 20th May to 7th June.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Roz Edwards, Floral artist. Recent paintings.

I have painted quite a lot of floral paintings in the last few months. 

However, I have not posted here for awhile so thought I would add some photos of my recent paintings, all in one place!!    Some of them I will add on to this blog as step by step demonstrations, when I have some spare time!!  Some of them are already on the blog...have a look if you missed them first time!!

I will be exhibiting at the annual exhibition of the Society of Floral Painters in less than 2 months time.   The website is available by clicking  here

I will also be at the Floral fringe Fair on May 30 and 31.  The website is here