Sunday, 12 January 2014

Paintings of orchids.

Here are two of my paintings of orchids. These have been done in my usual vibrant colourful style. The paintings are based on some photos I took last summer at a display in a garden I visited. I also now have a good collection of orchids in my conservatory. They are such amazing plants, that bloom for ages, but need very little attention or watering. I will be doing several more paintings based on these.

I have painted the pale pink orchid in a way that shows off the subtle changes of colour, and reflects the deeper pink background. The swirling pinks in the background also draws your eye around the painting. I have used chromacolour, which is a type of liquid acrylic.

My second orchid painting has been painted in a similar style. I have used a purple background as strong contrast to the soft yellow flowers.

Here are two close up sections so you can see the technique used. I have worked in small dabs of overlaid paint, to build up texture and detail.

Both designs have been made in to greetings cards. I sell a range of my floral cards at craft fairs and through florists, garden centres and shops. 

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