Saturday, 11 October 2014

A large close up painting of an Iris. Step by step

I have just finished doing this iris painting.  I have used a selection of acrylic paints, to build it up in layers.

I will show a larger pic at the end of the blog, after the step by step bit...!

I wanted to do a really detailed close up, but still in my usual "dotty" style.

I love the look of back lit flowers, so decided to do it in that style. I am drawn to  the dramatic contrasts you get with the light and dark.

I drew a rough outline on to the canvas. in pencil.

I then filled in the background with Prussian Blue, and put a few areas of lighter, washed out blues on to the flower, just to define the shapes.

I have now put a thin wash of all the main colour areas. However, at this stage I have not really worked much in to detail and contrast.

I am now really looking closely at the areas of individual colour, plus light and shade.  I have started to really layer up the paint, working in small dabs and dots.

I continue to add small detail and to refine the previous work. I have changed the background colour a bit too.

The final painting.  I have added some dark swirls of dots in to the background. I have built up the detail all over.

I am fairly pleased with this one, and shall do some more in this style.

This painting is now for sale in my Etsy shop for a few months.  Have a look HERE

If it does not sell on Etsy it will go to a gallery....but remember I have to double the price in a gallery as they take 50% commission.   This is why I regularly try and sell my paintings online first to give people a chance to own them at a fair and affordable price.

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