Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Paintings of roses.

I have gone through a bit of a rose phase recently!

Here are a couple of my recent paintings.

The first one is based on some beautiful climbing roses I saw at Mottisfont Abbey earlier in the summer. There is a specialized walled  rose garden there.  I have exaggerated the colours a bit to make a strong painting.  My favourite bit of this is actually the faded rose at the bottom. It was the most fun bit to paint with lots of different colours in it.

My second painting is a study of magenta coloured roses. It is a simple composition but has powerful colours!  I wanted to show high contrasts of light and shade on this one.

Both these painting are done in acrylic paint. Both have been framed. I am moving away from canvas paintings and more towards framed ones at the moment. However I almost gave up on framed ones beforehand, due to breakages transporting to and from venues....we shall see!

Here are the framed paintings, with a another work alongside. The extra one features ( step by step ) on a previous post on this blog.

The bottom two paintings will be on exhibition in Houghton Lodge next month. Please see my exhibitions tab at the top of the page.  The top one I may save for the Society of Floral Painters exhibition next year.

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