Thursday, 3 December 2015

A contemporary painting of a rose.

I have painted this rose painting in a modern style. Although it is fairly realistic at first glance, with closer inspection you will see an array of layered colours and detail.

The painting has been done in my usual acrylics. I have used a mixture of Chromacolour, Procolour and Golden paints for this piece. I have used brushes size 4 down to 0000.

I have exaggerated all the colours, and added in contrasting and complimentary colours to all the flowers and leaves. The white roses have very little white in them, They are composed of a whole rainbow of colours!  You can see this in more detail in the cropped sections below.

I have deliberately not used green for the leaves. I used a slightly limited colour range based on pink through purple to blue on this piece. This gives cohesion and links the leaves with the background and main flower colours ( or colors if you are reading this in America!! ).

The yellow on the rose petals just lifts the whole colour scheme. It adds light and warmth.

The painting is now in a simple white frame.  I chose white as it works well with all the white areas in the painting. A wooden frame would have been one colour to many in the overall look. White frames look clean and modern, They do not compete with the artwork!

This was on sale in a recent exhibition, but despite a lot of interest did not sell. However, it will be up for sale again soon, Details on here when I have decided where it will be sold. 

Comments always appreciated.

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